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Samsung Galaxy S2 WiFi Issue

July 10, 2012


1 minute reading time

The Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I1900 version) has a notorious hardware-related WiFi issue that requires a full replacement of the mainboard to fix. Coincidentally, users started reporting about this problem a few months after Samsung released the official Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update for the phone. Naturally, this has caused early ICS adopters to put the blame on Samsung for releasing a bad software update to the public. This theory is further strengthen by users who are still on Gingerbread (GB) and not experiencing this problem.

My SGS2 was about 11 months old when this problem became serious; WiFi totally stopped working. The symptoms however started to show around the 9th and 10th month, that was about a month after updating my phone to ICS. It started off with WiFi connection becoming unstable and difficult to connect. A few weeks later, the WiFi itself became almost impossible to turn on both via the widgets and phone settings screen. Instinctively, you would try to fix this by restarting or switching off your phone. It only worked for a while. Then I resorted to "factory reset" the phone, rooting, installing custom kernels and ROMs but nothing worked because the WiFi is totally dead.

I finally decided to turn my phone in for repairs at Samsung service centre about 3 weeks later because the phone is still under warranty. They confirmed the mainboard needs to be replaced. The faulty component was the button cell (called BAT500) leaking acid on the circuit board and the WiFi I/C that happened to be located adjacent to the battery was affected.

The SGS2 mainboard with the arrow showing the leaky battery BAT500.

Close-up of the leaky battery BAT500 and the WiFi chip on its left.

My phone is back to normal now. As soon as I got it back, I flashed it to GB. Well, we'll see.

Ultimately, the main culprit is heat but what leads to the problem could be a couple of things; ICS, 3rd party apps, user usage behavior, poor battery built quality or maybe random defective products. Anyway, if your are one of those people with this problem and your phone is still under warranty, send it for repairs ASAFP!

Shaiful Borhan is the Dude of Stampede Design.

Not only a PHP dude on fire, Shaiful 'Holmes' is also very handy with his guitar and ukulele. Be careful ladies, this guy with a sweet drawl will be able to sweep you off your feet with his mesmerizing guitar pickings. Follow the homie on Twitter and Google+.

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  1. Jul 24, 2012

    Dionisio says


    My SG2 have the same age, symptoms and behaviour. Now I'm just afraid that Samsung service here in spain will come up with something about water or moisture getting into the phone and refuse to fix it as I have read on some posts.

    Anyway thanks for your blog. It explain really well what the problem is and I think it would be a good argument in case they refuse to replace the mainboard

    I'll let you know.

  2. Jul 29, 2012

    Madhawa says

    I have the same issue in my i777.(at&t version of gs2).wonder this explanation fits to it as well.

  3. Jul 30, 2012

    Mark says

    Same problem.. make update... wifi lock ... samsung refuse to repair me couse liquid infiltration... what can i do?

    • Aug 1, 2012

      Shaiful Borhan says

      Yes I've read many reports saying Samsung claimed this as liquid damage and it wasn't covered by the warranty. This is really unfortunate and it gives Samsung a very bad rep too. Have you tried upgrading to ICS 4.0.4 btw?

  4. Aug 2, 2012

    Mark says

    no... now i've to retire from assistance and see that .... i will not buy more samsung in my life.... i've same pics of this article and say me that i've insert this liquid inside.... before update the phone was ok.. thx samsung! let's see soon! (don't buy more samsung!)

  5. Aug 3, 2012

    jonathan says

    thank you to this blog I was able determine the point of failure of my Wifi problem, tried upgrading and downgrading firmware to no avail, I opened my phone cleaned the battery part, fire it up, the wifi worked for couple of minutes then it's done.

  6. Sep 7, 2012

    Priz says

    i started having the same problem since yesterday

    the phone's wifi gets stuck at turning on wifi
    the phone gets heated up in jst 1 min

    im using rooted s2 with custom rom
    i still hav my warranty of abt 20days
    i guess i cant take my rooted phone to samsung service centre
    so how can i get back to unrooted stock version so as i can go to the service centre n show my phone ?

    plz reply ASAP
    its very urgent

    • Sep 9, 2012

      Shaiful Borhan says

      Hi Priz,

      Just download the correct stock ICS firmware from the SamMobile website and flash it using Odin. At that point you phone should already be un-rooted.

      Next you need to reset the binary/download counter to 0 by using something that's called a USB jig. Basically you would plug this USB jig into the phone and restart into download mode. If everything goes well, the screen should tell you the counter has been reset. When I did it last time it wasn't that straightforward as the counter refused to reset itself. I had to flash a GT-1900M bootloader via Odin to make it reset. Then I reflashed the GT-1900 bootloader, which is my phone's model, to restore to stock. Flashing bootloaders won't affect the binary counter.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Sep 10, 2012

    Priz says

    thnx fr the reply Shaiful sir,

    but im still unclear about some things

    wat do u mean by

    just download the correct stock ICS firmware from the SamMobile website and flash it using Odin.

    "At that point you phone should already be un-rooted."

    means my phone is rooted now
    all i gotta do is flash the firmware using odin
    tat way it ll automatically get unrooted or
    do i hav to unroot it 1st and then flash the firmware, if yes... then how to unroot?

    another thing, wat ll happen if i wont use the jig?
    doesnt the triangle away app does the same thing as the jig?

    • Sep 10, 2012

      Shaiful Borhan says

      Hi Priz,

      You need to register an account at the SamMobile website and download the correct version of the stock ICS firmware based on your phone model (GT-I9100/GT-I9100G/GT-I9100M etc) and country. This file is the stock Samsung firmware which is not rooted. Then simply flash the file using Odin and yes it will get un-rooted automatically. You don't need to un-root the phone beforehand.

      As long as you can reset the binary counter to zero (including the triangle too), then you're good :)

  8. Sep 14, 2012

    zzz.meow says

    This blog enabled me to find out why my wifi cannot work. I had the same leakage from BAT500 and it corroded 4 out of 5 resistors, which are used for pull-ups for wifi sdio control lines. After the corroded resistors were replaced (with 23.7 kOhm 0201) and BAT500 removed, the wifi is able to work again.

    • Sep 17, 2012

      Shaiful Borhan says

      @zzz.meow Thanks for the information. So I assume you didn't send your phone to Samsung and had it fixed DIY? You can really do wonders with knowledge of electronic :)

    • Oct 6, 2012

      Hanzi says

      thanks to this blog I've convince myself that it is a hardware problem rather than a software :(

      I've found that I have the same problem with the BAT500 just want to check if you got any tutorial on how you replaced the resistors? or where you purchased the (23.7 kOhm 0201).
      another question, you say you have removed the BAT500 would the board function properly without this part?

  9. Sep 17, 2012

    Olivier says

    Thnaks for you comments. I have the issue and I thought that it was causing by a bad software update i got from kies...I ugrade to ICS without success.. Now the phone was a gift and I cant send it back to to fix the much could it make ? This is not good for samsung..I ve never been on water with my phone....

    • Sep 20, 2012

      Shaiful Borhan says

      @Olivier Sorry to hear about your phone. You could still send it back to Samsung even without the official documents or warranty card. They would simply treat your case like a normal phone that has been out of warranty so any repairs done will be charged. I think a full motherboard replacement could take up to USD250. Or if you know of any reputable phone repair shop or person you could try checking with them as well. Like one of the commenters stated above he had his phone fixed by only replacing the faulty components instead of the whole mainboard. It would be awesome if you could find someone who could do that, and surely way cheaper too.

  10. Sep 17, 2012

    zzz.meow says

    Yes, it was fixed DIY with help from a friend who have experience in doing rework for surface mount components. I did not replace BAT500 (left it empty) because any replacement could suffer the same leakage after another few months of usage. Hopefully Samsung fixed the problem permanently on the current revisions of the mainboard.

  11. Oct 23, 2012

    Keitaro says

    Thanks if found your article very helpful on my part. Just wanted to ask after you notice that your Wi-Fi is totally out, do still see a MAC Address of your Wi-Fi? mine is i9100G, I see the MAC Address but my Wi-Fi is totally cannot detect anything, one you add a SSID of my router it said "Out of range". I have open my unit since it is already out of warrant, but I didn't see any leakage coming from the battery.

  12. Oct 24, 2012

    Ronald says

    My friend's I9100G also having this problem...
    When turn wifi on at the Notification bar,the wifi signal bar just got faded green color...
    Cant even turn on wifi at the Setting...

  13. Oct 31, 2012

    Felipe Zanoni says

    Same problem here after 16 months of use.
    I have detected high temperatures of 53ºC. Maybe that's the problem.

    I've got two resistors damaged.
    I removed the BAT500 to avoid any other damage.

    Now I'm going to replace the resistors and see if it works.

    • Nov 12, 2012

      Leo arellano jr says

      Hi, have you found any online store for the resistor? I also need to change some.

  14. Nov 1, 2012

    Mayank says

    Hi All,

    I need to understand this if the root cause off the problem is heat how to we fix that. I just got my phone like a mt back. And i have been noticing the heating problem for some time now. I took my phone to the service center and they told me there was nothing wrong with my phone. And heating up is normal with S2.
    I have read that an software upgrade can help is it true or if you have some other solution please advice.

    Thanks Mayank

  15. Nov 1, 2012

    Ronald says

    My Friend's SG Gversion finally died...
    So pls repair ur phone when u have this wifi problem...

  16. Nov 14, 2012

    aditya says

  17. Nov 15, 2012

    Joseph says

    Here is the complete service manual guide for Samsung Galaxy S2

  18. Nov 21, 2012

    shan says

    Samsung only look into the sale of device n dint care abt the f*ing users .....

  19. Dec 20, 2012

    zapplerepair says

    most of samsung product really good this type of battery leakage problem is not common
    same as the button water corrossion which can be easily clean and work normally again,
    most of the time software problem can be easily solve with software upgrade

    for spareparts that need to change like lcd touchpanel or the flexicable

  20. Jan 1, 2013

    Adriano says

    Wow. Two things are impressing: 1) That my google search "samsung galaxy s 2 wifi unstable" gave me this website as a the 3rd result . I expected to browse a million websites before getting decent info. 2) What a great website. So clear, so informative, so efficient.

    I have exact teh same issue with my Samsung S 2, 1,5 years old, will see if I get it fixed under guarantee., which is 2 years according to the Dutch Samsung website.

    Thank you!


    • Jan 2, 2013

      Shaiful Borhan says

      Hi Adriano,

      Thank you for the wonderful words and Happy New Year :)

      Good to know your phone is still under warranty. Yeah you should send it in quickly because if the problem is at the early stage they might be able to fix it without replacing the whole board and not try to void the warranty by saying things like "water has got into the phone".

  21. Jan 11, 2013

    Mike says

    For other people who might be Google’ ling for answers to their wireless woes…
    I experienced the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy s2 whereby wireless would not toggle on or off, and for that reason, not only could I no longer connect to my wireless router but I couldn’t get into the wireless settings on the phone either. This happened about a week after I upgraded to ICS 4.0.3, which could have been a coincidence or not. Also of note was the fact I noticed the rear of the phone, around the camera lens area, got a lot warmer than usual before the wireless function finally ceased to work (other people have also made this comment).
    I suspected hardware failure as described here which proved to be correct after taking apart the phone last evening (unable to return under warranty). Sure enough, the BAT500 (deemed to be a capacitor rather than a button cell battery since specifications mentions 70000uf (microfarads) for this component; button cells are rated in mAh). Fluid that had leaked from this component had basically dissolved 3 out of 5 resistors. Actually one of these may not have been a resistor due to its position on the PCB (could have been a capacitor). Unfortunately, I could not get access to a circuit diagram to tell us exactly what these components were (or specifications) and subsequently, after cleaning the PCB (which removed said resistors) opted to replace with a block of 20kOhm resistors. I should say now that this was a little of a ‘makeshift’ repair but considering the tools available and the extremely small size of the circuitry we did pretty well. To give you an idea, a friend of mine who did all the soldering work spent approximately 3hrs under a microscope with a 20x lens – it wasn’t easy, which is why I suspect a lot of technicians would straight away opt to replace the whole main board. It’s definitely not a DIY task for everyone, I was just lucky I know somebody who is experienced in PCB design and manufacture and has a lot of gear.
    The block of resistors I mentioned was super clued to the PCB in the space previously occupied by the BAT500 (used a dremel to remove in the end as couldn’t seem to get enough heat into the solder without possibly damaging other components). We couldn’t simply replace the corroded resisters as the copper traces had also been eaten away – we had to create an entirely new circuit using the finest (as in smallest) wire we could find (which incidentally looked as big as a garden hose under the microscope by the way!).
    Anyway, after reassembly wireless was working again so we felt somewhat triumphant to say the least. It was quite late in the night by this time so I neglected to get a photo of the repair (it would be quite hard to get a detailed enough photo anyway). Phone seems to be functioning normally, haven’t yet noticed excessive battery drain or a weaker wireless signal – more time will tell.

    Best, Mike.

    • Oct 19, 2013

      aymen says

      hi mike ..i have the same problem of you... if you can have a picture of your PCB ... i really need that to my phoone.... thaaannnksss

  22. Jan 11, 2013

    Mike says

    P.s. If anyone did want to know what replacement part we used: manufacturers code is "CAY16-203J4LF" and datasheet can be had here (
    We only used 3 of the 4 resistors on this component.

  23. Jan 11, 2013

    Shaiful Borhan says


    As someone with a very limited electronics know-what, I really didn't know that the BAT500 was actually a capacitor. On an unrelated note, I experienced a bad cap problem in the ECU of my 12 years old car about 2 months ago which pretty much damaged the components around it as well. Thank you for this very informative post. Cheers!

  24. Jan 12, 2013

    Bruno M. says

    Same problem with my SGS2 here in Brazil...out of warranty!
    Awaiting a response from Samsung.

    • Feb 14, 2013

      Eduardo YC says

      Bruno, estou com o mesmo problema, quando tiver alguma resposta da Samsung me avise.
      Você entrou em contato direto com eles ou através de algum site?

  25. Jan 17, 2013

    Daniel says

    I went to the samsung outlet in Goa just before Christmas to upgrade to ICS, they told me that Jellybean was available & upgraded it to Jellybean. Things worked fine, I was on 3G there. Came home to Pune & started using my WiFi from the 3rd of Jan & my WiFi went kaput a couple of days later. Yes, I too felt that the phone was getting hotter than usual. My Galaxy S2, the GT I9100 is 18 months old & out of warranty. I took it to the service center here in Agartala where I'm posted & they tell me that the main board would have to be replaced costing around Rs 8ooo/-. This was after loading ICS & doing a factory reset. My question is that if I do spend 8K on repairs & the new main board is put what is the chance that it will not go kaput again. So should I repair it or just get a new phone.

  26. Jan 20, 2013

    Ramesh says

    I'm using galaxy s2. I can't turn off wifi.then I try to off but still scanning.pls solve problem.

  27. Feb 8, 2013

    israel says

    Hi, I was not experiencing any problem but as soon as i opened the S2 y saw the bat500 leaking! I ripped appart the bat500 cell/capacitor and now i feel a litle more safe. Too bad that Samsung made this mistake.

  28. Feb 20, 2013

    R says

    If anyone decided to sell their faulty S2 pls email me...
    Malaysia only yea...

  29. Feb 28, 2013

    JEYSONN says

    I'm from Brazil and the same problem occured. I opened and saw that the BAT500 leaked acid on the circuit board. My SGS2, the GT I9100, is 17 months old and out of warranty. Has samsung said anything about it?

  30. Mar 5, 2013

    Jon says

    I'm just another sucker with the same problem as described previously by everyone else. Samsung dosn't want to know. (Galaxy S2 GT-19100T Android 4.0.3) I might try to fix myself as new mainboards in NZ are same cost as new phone!

  31. Mar 9, 2013

    dirtyworm says

    i remove bat and not work ...
    what i do now ?

  32. Mar 10, 2013

    R says

    Try to repair the contact of the wifi chip heat the Bat500...

  33. Apr 19, 2013

    MagnumChaos says


    Some words of optimism: I fixed it myself in minutes, cleaning the area with a small brush and a few drops of isopropyl alcohol.

    My warranty expired and I decided to take my chances before sending my SGS2 to a service center. I was probably lucky, since the apparent leakage was small but evident.

    The inspiration came from this post:

    Best luck!

  34. May 22, 2013

    Eduardo says

    I had the same problem here, after 2 years it suddenly only showed "turning on" for the wifi.
    Opened, saw the leaked supercap, 3 resistors became ashes.
    When I decided to leave it as is, just cleaned with some isopropyl alcohol, when turned on, it was working and very stable.
    Only problem is that battery life is awful.

  35. Jun 14, 2013

    Maikel says

    Same here, just cleaned it with some alcohol at is work again.

  36. Jul 12, 2013

    Mary says

    Thanks a lot with your blog, I have same thing problem with my S2 i tried to visit samsung service center here in the Philippines. They said it is a board problem which is now i know that it is the “main board” so in this case it needs to replace it. Any idea how much is the main board now? They only said that it is expensive but no specific value. Now the phone is out of warrant and need my pocket full out.. Can we just replace the battery or else the whole main board?..thanks please help no idea.

  37. Aug 2, 2013

    sethuraman says

    Hi bro,
    Thanks bro I cleaned my motherboard wifi working.... thanks bro....

  38. Aug 4, 2013

    smd0806 says

    My BAT500 state:

    Cleaned and now working fine

    Now i will replace it.
    Found 1.2V positive towards board

    • Aug 7, 2013

      sethuraman says

      plz help me too... how to replace it....?????

  39. Aug 7, 2013

    sethuraman says

    friends plz help me already I cleaned once it was working good.... aftr two daus I got back same prob..... plz help.....

  40. Aug 15, 2013

    Titulo says

    I really can't thank you enough for your post. I've bought a SGS2 as a gift for my wife about 14 months ago, and recently had this same problem out of the blue. I tried everything and yet nothing worked (software wise), so I gave her my HTC One X untill I repair the SGS2. Thankfully I stumbled upon your post and was surprised to find that my BAT500 literally exploded in the phone (because of the heat) which incenerated 2 transistors from the WIFI chip and burnt the other 3.
    I was more surprised to see my WIFI working again (even with only 3 transistors still connected) after I thouroughly cleaned up the mainbord, took away the leaking BAT500 with it's connectors and removing any acid residue.

    I hope everyone appreciates your post as much as we did, and if you need help with any software / hardware issues I'll be more than glad to help (I'm an IT engineer).

    Walid from Tunisia.

  41. Aug 16, 2013

    Gianni says

    Thanks !!! I just pulled of the battery because warranty just passed and now wifi is working perefectly.

  42. Aug 19, 2013

    Fazz says

    Well I had conceded defeat with mine.. until just stumbling upon this great blog.. Will dismantle and inspect the damage in the coming days, hopefully a clean up of the resisters does the trick.

  43. Aug 26, 2013

    SamsungBadQuality says

    samsung is using a very bad quality component

  44. Aug 27, 2013

    s2 dead says

    I have the same problem.
    the phone is not working any more.

  45. Sep 2, 2013

    Ggborhan says

    Where can i repair my sgs2 in malaysia

    • Sep 2, 2013

      R says

      U can get it fix at normal shop...
      If cant turn on at all then probably they will ask u to change motherboard...

  46. Sep 3, 2013

    Rational says

    DIY approach: A week ago all at once I failed to turn on Wifi. I did a factory reset, which did not change the situation. I was on Android 4.1.2 for several months before.
    Really Amazing!
    I opened the Galaxy S2 following the instructions in one of the Youtube videos (Search for: Galaxy S2 disassembling and repair) and found the leaking BAT500. The rest of the interior was in perfect condition. I broke off the BAT500. I cleaned the circuit paths next to the Wifi chip with an isopropyl alcohol tissue and a small brush. Obviously the circuit paths were not damaged by the leaking BAT500. I reassembled the phone, switched it on and Wifi was back. The only adverse effect I noticed so far is that after removing the main battery (which I did not the last two years before) date and time are lost. Date and time will be restored immediately after signing in to my network provider.
    I cannot believe it. The Galaxy S2 is a highly integrated and compact device. I broke off a relatively large component and everything is working fine afterwards.

    Thank you for your blog.

  47. Sep 30, 2013

    AG says

    My GS2 also has the same problem: suddenly stop working wi-fi. I disassembled the phone according to existing youtube lessons, removed the leaked battery, cleaned the circuit paths around the resistors and resistors, assembled thr phone back. Unfortunately nothing changed: wi-fi still does not work.

  48. Oct 8, 2013

    SAL says

    I am having the same WIFI issue so after reading the blog i took apart my fone and to my surprise there is no Battery installed on my fone!. and yes i couldnt find any loose/broken bits inside!.

    It seems like Samsung did remove the battery out of GT I9100 after getting to know the problem. But anyways my problem isnt solved as of still wondering if there is anyone out there who has a different batch of fone without the BAT500 installed on the mainboard.

    Till then i shall play with all sorts of ROMS and Kernels!

    S. Ali

    • Nov 1, 2013

      praveen says

      hi S.Ali,
      I am also having same phone and same problem. I too could not find battery installed. so far I could not find any solution if you have any please sugest.


  49. Oct 31, 2013 says

    Pretty! This wwas an extremely wonderful article.
    Thanks foor supplying thijs info.

    • Dec 17, 2013

      Shaiful Borhan says

      Glad you find it useful. Thank you to everyone who posted their input here too!

  50. Nov 6, 2013

    david kinzler says

    Have this problem? Why, a few people did report that removing the super capacitor (bat 500) from the PCB solved their connectivity issue. I tried just that, as mine was oozing, but hadn't yet dribbled over onto the PCB. I literally wiggled a jeweller's screwdriver under the metal tabs, lifting the battery off the PCB's joints. Solder lifted like butter! Now I can connect to wifi networks fine; phone still otherwise works fine.

    Any hardware designers care to tell us *why* Samsung spent money on what appears to be the electronic equivalent of tonsils or an appendix?

    Also, note that what I did may not work on your phone, and indeed trying what I did may priove to be the death of your phone.

  51. Nov 14, 2013

    Psvrl says

    Hello all,
    My SGS2 gone away (from some point at time did not powerup again) and at service they told me - there are signs of "luquid" and mainboard has to be replaced (too expensive). I took my phone from service and at home I found that I have problem wit "BAT500" too (leakage). Could that problem, with bat500, prevent to powerup my phone ? I mean when I try to remove that bat and clean PCB is there possibility that phone will be OK agan or I realy need to replace MB ?
    Thanks a lot.

  52. Mar 23, 2014

    yeloo says

    my phone samsung s2 wifi not working whats tis solution?

  53. Nov 21, 2014

    Z says

    Good Morning All.

    I had the same problem with my Galaxy S2 (727 AT&T USA version). I has same BAT500 near wifi chip just like international and other versions.
    My wife would connect sometimes and after a few hours, I see that it is "trying to turn on" but not successful. After a while, the semi-green wifi button become grey. I didn't think it was a software related problem. I was pretty sure it was hardware related. Based on this post and other posts, I looked inside and the BAT500 (battery/capacitor) looked just fine. There was no acid leak or anything. But the problems with these capacitors is that they can short inside, and still look good from outside. Anyways, I decided to take it out. I just used a screw drive I used to open the phone, took out the BAT500, infact, broke the metal contacts around it. Now, in my phone, I don't have BAT500 at all. I don't think it's really needed b/c as soon as the phone boots up, the time/data is synced via Air by AT&T. In any case, I didn't feel any difference. Wifi started working. It's working since then without any issues. I still need to understand the function of the BAT500 a little better. But for now, I am happy that wifi is working fine.

    As always, do it at your own risk :) Be very careful when trying to rip apart the BAT500 from motherboard. Just one slip of the screw drive (or whatever tool you are using) can damage the mother board. But in reality, it's a pretty easy job.

    • Nov 21, 2014

      Shaiful Borhan says

      Thanks for sharing your experience, my man!

    • Dec 24, 2014

      Jozd says

      Thanks man! My wifi problems disappeared after removing the battery. Amazing solution but it works.

  54. Dec 4, 2014

    Dan Kessler says

    My Galaxy S2 doesn't want to turn on anymore since yesterday.

    I opened it up and saw that the battery BAT500 has leaked.
    I have had no WIFI issues.

    I will try to remove the battery tomorrow and see if it helps.
    It is good to know the that phone can work without the battery installed.
    I hope there is no permanent damage.

    I just hope to get it turned on so I can retrieve all the data from the internal memory and then maybe buy a new phone.

  55. Aug 8, 2016

    sansuihyderabad says

    Sansuihyderabad is a reputed service provider in twin cities. We offer repair and services for electronic items. Samsung Service Centre in Hyderabad – 040-24547649

  56. Nov 3, 2016

    steyn700 says

    I've got my phone rooted to a 5.1.1 version of android and my wifi is broken as well... I'm going to a local repair shop to hopefully get it fixed...

  57. Feb 13, 2017

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